Here are some of my favorite photos from my photo shoot with Emily & Rachel. They are twins (obviously) that just turned 13 and we did a shoot for their upcoming Bat Mitzvah. I normally do shoots with children so this was something a little different for me but Emily and Rachel were such amazing (and clearly gorgeous) models that it ended up being such a fun and easy shoot. We were all over the Gansevoort Hotel and the Meatpacking District in the City and got some pretty amazing shots. I absolutely love how the pictures came out! I took almost 1,000 photos (it was a 4 hours shoot at numerous locations) and picked my favorite 200 (yup, you heard me- 200!) and then me, Emily, Rachel, and their parents Jamie and Mara worked on cutting it down to 40 or so that I edited and they will use to hang all around their upcoming party. Hope you guys love them as much as I do! Check them out below :)



I love photographing children. They just have the best smiles and these bright, happy eyes that can make anyone smile! And some of my favorites are when I get to shoot 6 month-1 year old little girls. It’s just so fun to play dress up with them and put them in tutu’s, headbands, bows, and pearls and get fun pictures of them smiling and laying on their bellies all dressed up. A few weeks ago I did a really fun shoot with 7 month old Alexandra. We started the shoot off in this adorable outfit her mom picked out, with this cute pink furry vest. From there we got some close-ups of her minus the vest and with an adorable pink headband on. Then on to my favorites with the tutu, pearls, and headband against the pink background. Once we put her on her belly she was full of smiles and it was so easy getting great shots of her. Her mom did get a workout that day though, making noises and faces to get Alexandra to smile and to look at the camera but it was well worth it. She started to get tired right around the time we changed to the holiday set-up but we still managed to get a few great shots of her in her pretty Christmas dress.  Overall, it was such a great shoot and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them!

Last weekend I had a mini-holiday shoot with 9 month old Brady. This was my first time meeting him and he was so fun to work with! He  just kept smiling and playing with the “snow” the whole time. I think we got some really great shots of him with the ornaments and sitting by all the presents. I also was able to get a few really cute shots of the whole family. Check them out below. Happy Holidays!

I finished editing my first holiday shoot of the season a few weeks ago. My first shoot was with the beyond adorable Daniella and Gianna. I love these two girls! This is my third shoot with them and every time it’s always fun… sometimes crazy but we always get great shots of these two adorable little girls. Last year Daniella was not into the shoot at all and this year she was the complete opposite. She was a perfect little model, posing and smiling for the camera the whole time. Gianna though was the opposite ths year. Last year she just sat and smiled and this year she was not having any of it. But together with their mom, Serafina, we managed to get a good handful of shots with Gianna in them and smiling at least :) Check out some of my favorites from that day below.

Below you will find some of my favorite photo’s from Nikko’s 1st Birthday shoot. Some of you may remember Nikko from his newborn and holiday shoots I did with him last year. He has gotten so big and is beyond adorable. I love his smile and those big blue eyes and lashes! His two outfits were so cute and we had so much fun shooting him on his little plane with his Born To Be Wild shirt. Then once the cake came out he was in icing heaven as you will see in the pictures. Check them out below!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from my shoot with the adorable 9 month old Christian. This shoot was at Sand’s Point Preserve in Long Island and normally this place offers so many great backdrops, but of course the day we go there was so much going on including a shoot for a TV show, a wedding, a medieval festival, and a commercial shoot for the North Shore Animal League. Many of the areas including the beach were blocked off but thankfully there were still many beautiful locations open for us to take pictures. We got some really great shots and you would never know of all the chaos going on around us. We also sneaked in to the private mansion and got some cute shots…before we got kicked out :)

 I did a quick newborn shoot (without my backgrounds and props) for my friends Diana and Vinny’s newborn baby boy, Vincent. Even though these are so simple with just some blankets and some toy tools (his Dad is in construction) I think they came out so cute! Vinny was so good, just sleeping away and even giving us a smile here and there. Check them out below!

It’s been almost a year since little Peyton was born and I took her newborn pictures and now as she turns one I  was lucky enough to be able to take her first birthday photos as well. She has gotten so big and is such a happy, beautiful little girl! Check out some of my favorites from the day with the adorable Peyton below. Her smile was infectious and she had so much fun playing. Then the cake came out it was all over! The icing was everywhere… she clearly loved her cake! Enjoy!

A few weeks ago I did a 1st Birthday/Smash The Cake session with the adorable Gabby. She was full of smiles and laughs and I think she loved the cake as she dove right in and had it all over her face. The pictures are great! Some of my favorites are the close ups of her with white icing everywhere. Check out some of my favorite shots from that day below. Enjoy!

I had my first beach shoot of the season a few weeks ago with the adorable Mia at Sunken Meadow Park Beach. I did a holiday shoot with her last November and  it’s so crazy to see how big she has gotten and how she has her own little personality now. It was such a fun, easy day. We started on the beach and just let Mia play in the sand and have fun. We got a so many cute, candid shots against the pretty, ocean backdrop. From there we went to the front of the park to this little patch of grass that had a worn wooden bench and a fence that looked like it belonged on an old farm. I love the shots of Mia near the fence and just sitting in the grass. Such a simple backdrop but really adds so much to the pictures. Below are some of my favorites from that day. Hope you love them as much as I do. Enjoy!